Food/Nutrition Bloopers from Restaurants,
Food Companies, Web sites and News Media

The following are actual quotes or observations (the latest entries are at the top). Click for our comments. Some of these errors/misinformation have been subsequently corrected by their source and some have not.

Impossible Sugar, Carbohydrate Content On Label

A packaged meal containing rice, chicken, honey, fructose, brown sugar, etc. shows 0 g sugars on its nutrition label. 

Sodium in Chicken Nuggets

An award-winning health writer states that a serving of chicken nuggets has a “whopping” 360 mg sodium. 

Quinoa - Complete Protein?

An article in a major news magazine states that quinoa is the only vegetable that is a complete protein. 

Low-Cal Snack or Wrong Serving Size?

A “popped” grain snack crisp shows an amazingly low 16 calories per serving.

Polyphenols in Popcorn

A study declares popcorn higher in polyphenols than fruits and veggies. 

Antioxidants in Sweet Potato Cookie?

A new cookie using sweet potato declares “great source of antioxidants.” 

Incorrect Sugar Content for Bars

The Nutrition Facts for 3 fruit & nut bars by the same manufacturer shows sugar content at only 3 or 4 grams on the wrapper and Web site. 

"Worst" vs. "Better" Food Products

An article comparing “worst” food products with better alternatives compares calories, fat, sodium and sugar. 

B12 Only From Animal Products?

A health magazine states that animal products are the only dietary sources of vitamin B-12.

Healthiest Cereal?

A granola declared “healthiest cereal” by a healthy lifestyle magazine claims to be high in omega-3 and antioxidants, low in sugar, etc.

"Low-Sugar" Dark Chocolate Bar

A dark chocolate bar is described as “low in sugar." 

Calorie-Estimating Phone App

A smart phone app takes a photo of food and claims to be able to estimate the calories.

Nutrition Label Errors on Cereal

A nutritionist/blogger is gifted 3 products by a manufacturer for a review and misses a major nutrition label error. 

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