Nutrient Claims for Kettle Corn

A kettle corn product in 4 flavors claims “low calorie” and “good source of fiber,” and shows iron and vitamin E at 10% DV (good source).


Calories range from 101-121 (note lack of rounding, which is a red flag that nutrition data is suspect), so none of the products is low in calories (can be no more than 40 calories for that claim), and in fact it is highly unlikely that any of them is under 110 calories, which is what air-popped corn contains per same serving size... and these products have oil added, which ups the calories even more. Fiber is only 2 grams per serving, which is insufficient for “good source” (2.5 is the minimum, which would be rounded to 3 g). As for the iron and vitamin E... the most these products would have is 5% DV for iron and 2% DV for vitamin E, given the ingredients. One product even claims 15% DV for calcium, which is totally impossible given the ingredients. Let’s hope this data did not make its way to any nutrition apps!

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