Nutrition Analysis

Who needs nutrition analysis?

  • Manufacturers (Nutrition Facts panels are required on most food products sold in the U.S.)
  • Restaurants (required when nutrition or health claims are used; e.g., “low fat”)
  • Restaurants where state or local law requires nutrition labeling for menus (usually fast food and franchises only); and now for all restaurants with 20+ locations in the U.S.
  • Cookbook authors and food editors

Why use database analysis rather than chemical (laboratory) analysis?

  • It is faster and more affordable (laboratory analysis typically costs $700+ per nutrition panel or menu item).
  • Results are fairly accurate for most recipes (fried foods cannot be accurately analyzed by database software for Nutrition Facts labels, but we can refer you to a lab for at least the fat and calorie analysis).

Why use Palate Works?

  • We have been providing nutrition analysis for food companies, restaurants and the news media for 20 years, and can spot potentially costly human and database errors (common hazards of inexperience). Our knowledge of the U.S. nutrition labeling regulations is better than that of many regulatory officials.
  • Our prices are among the most reasonable (for food products: starting at $100 per recipe, including ingredient statement; restaurant analysis is lower per recipe due to bulk pricing and other factors). 
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