Inaccurate Data on Website for French Fries

A potato product company shows about 10 g total carbs and 10 mg sodium for its frozen fries online.


Oops. Another online data publishing error that was never caught by the company... this time apparently due to a computer program that takes the %DV for sodium and carbs and uses that same number for the weight. For example, when the Nutrition Facts shows 11 mg sodium it really is 11% of the DV for sodium, which is actually 240 mg. And where it shows 7 g carbs, it really should show 22 g carbs (7% of DV). ALL of the products on the Web site appear to have this error, which makes carbohydrate and sodium content look waaaaaaay lower than they really are per serving. This is such a big mistake that we are revealing who it is: Alexia Foods. We contacted them about this a couple weeks ago, but as of Nov. 1, nothing has been changed. Hopefully, none of the online food product rating apps/tools is using Alexia’s Web site data rather than the more plausible data on the packages. While they’re at it, Alexia should post the ingredients for their products on their site (which would allow us to see that salt is added and therefore 10 mg sodium is impossible).

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