Food/Nutrition Bloopers from Restaurants,
Food Companies, Web sites and News Media

The following are actual quotes or observations (the latest entries are at the top). Click for our comments. Some of these errors/misinformation have been subsequently corrected by their source and some have not.

Best Sources of Omega-3

A food industry newsletter states that “major sources” of DHA and EPA (long chain omega-3 fatty acids) are “fish, flaxseed, canola oil, nuts and avocados.”

"No Trans Fat" Vegetable Oils?

Two new vegetable oils (one from sunflower seeds, one from soybeans) with claims of “no trans fatty acids” have been “created” for use in snack food products.

Vitamins A and C in Sweet vs. White Potato Chips

A potato chip product containing both sweet potatoes and white potatoes shows vitamin A content for a 1 oz serving as 0% of the Daily Value.

"Low-Sugar, Low-Calorie" Donut?

A metropolitan area newspaper announced that a major donut maker is developing a “low sugar” donut. The article also described it as a “low calorie” donut.

"Low-Carb" Wine

A major newswire states that a large winemaker has declared its new 2-carb wines to be “the first introduction of low-carb wines” in the US. Both the red and white contain 2 grams of carbohydrate (after the scientifically and legally required rounding of their figures) per 5 oz serving.

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