Herbs a Good Source of Iron and Calcium?

A health blog by a major newspaper (copied from a “healthy foods” web site) states that thyme is a good source of iron and calcium.


Not for a true (1/4 tsp), or typical (up to 1 tsp) serving size. All fresh herbs contain vitamins and minerals, but you would need to eat dozens or hundreds of true servings to get any significant amounts of especially minerals to meet the criteria for “good source.” A day’s supply of iron (assuming it were readily absorbed, which it isn’t from plant material) would require consuming more than 2.5 cups of fresh thyme (over 125 teaspoons), and for calcium (ditto about being absorbed) you would need almost 6.5 cups. A “good source” (10% of DV) of calcium could be obtained from a mere 33 tsp of fresh thyme. Got toothpicks?

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