Plant-based legume flour with "super-sized" nutrient claims

The website for a protein-rich “flour alternative” made from a lupine seed/bean says the product is packed with calcium, magnesium and other nutrients...

It is difficult to evaluate the claims of the product, because the serving size used for the Nutrition Facts is more than twice what it should be per FDA for a seed or bean flour. But after resizing the portion to where it should be, the calcium and magnesium content is too low to be considered a “good source,” which is much less than for “packed with” (implying “high in”). Both are regulated/defined claims and must meet the criteria. Additionally, in comparisons to other plant-based foods, they claim this flour is higher in protein “than any other... on the planet.” Again, the serving size needs to be correct/compliant for all the foods being compared (and no fresh vs dried at the same weight, as the former will be mostly water weight), or the claims are meaningless. To back up the claims, they need to at least state the portion sizes being compared. Either way, it is a stretch to say a plant food is higher in protein than any other on the planet when many plant foods have yet to be tested, or even discovered.

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