Amount of nutrients in dried fruit product inflated

The package for a dried fruit (mulberry) product claims “rich in vitamin A, C, E, K, calcium, iron and fiber..."


The term “rich in” is equivalent to “high in,” which requires that the product be an excellent source of that nutrient, providing at least 20% of the Daily Value per FDA-defined serving. Based on the Nutrition Facts on this product, it is not rich in any of these nutrients. It is, however, a “good source” of two of them. There is no data on the Nutrition Facts for vitamin A, C, E or K, so claims for those cannot be made for that reason, even if the product contains sufficient levels of those nutrients. 

There is also a statement on the package about "no added sugar," but the required disclaimer is missing (the product is not low in calories and contains significant sugar content). The product also makes non-compliant claims about health effects (digestion and immune system) that would categorize it as a drug. 



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