More veggie chips with a cornucopia of claims

The package for a dried kale/veggie snack mentions vitamin E, magnesium, iron, calcium, lycopene, etc. in its marketing description... 


Saying or implying that a product or any of its individual ingredients "contains" a nutrient is an implied claim for that nutrient. To be valid, such claims must be backed up by Nutrition Facts info showing that the product is at least a "good source" (10% of Daily Value) of that nutrient in ONE FDA-DEFINED SERVING (usually the serving size in the Nutrition Facts). This product is not a good source of any of these particular nutrients, and some are not even listed in the Nutrition Facts, so there would be no way to know. Without data showing, or if the nutrient content/data is below the "good source" threshold, no claim can be made for that nutrient. 

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