Almond milk yogurt shows strangely high fat content; wrong protein DV

A plant-based (almond) yogurt shows 15 g of fat on the Nutrition Facts and 5% DV for protein while making a nutrient (“benefits”) claim for protein...


Yogurt made with low-fat almond milk would not likely be this high in fat (no other similar product is), and there are no additional fats showing in the ingredients. As for having protein at the level of 5% Daily Value, this is not high enough to make a claim. However, the Nutrition Facts also shows 6 g protein, which is much more than 5% DV (it is closer to 12% DV). A product cannot have 6 g protein AND 5% DV for protein; one of them must be incorrect.

It is likely that the product is lower in fat and higher in Daily Value for protein than stated, and also lower in calories (assuming the fat is lower than stated).

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