Oatmilk claims for DHA omega-3 fatty acids

An oatmilk product advertises on the carton and website that it contains DHA omega-3 fatty acids and has "amazing" soluble fiber...


Any nutrient claims in labeling (on packaging, website, or anywhere) must be backed up by data shown in those same locations. This product makes claims for omega-3 fatty acids with NO data for any kind of omega-3 fatty acids, or even unsaturated fatty acids (which omega-3 are a subset of); thus, no claims (or even vague mentions about the product "containing" DHA) can be made.

The labeling also describes the soluble fiber content as "amazing," which is an implied nutrient content claim and therefore can only be used if the data shows the product is at least a "good source" of that nutrient. There is no Daily Value for soluble fiber, so nutrient content claims implying a good source cannot be made. Only factual "contains x grams" statements can be used.

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