Alkaline spring water mineral and "organic" claims

A product described as alkaline spring water is labeled as having "healthy minerals."

 "Healthy" and mineral content claims are regulated labeling terms and must meet certain criteria to be used. This product shows no nutrition information on the website (which alone would make any nutrient or health claim noncompliant), and on the package Nutrition Facts the only mineral showing is calcium, but at much less than 10% of Daily Value. Since the serving size is 1.5x the correct serving size for water, the amount of calcium per standard serving (12 oz, or 360 mL) is even lower than what is shown. This product cannot make a mineral claim, as the mineral content is too low.

In addition, on their Amazon sales page the plain (unflavored) water is labeled as "organic." Water cannot be certified organic, only flavored waters can (if the flavoring ingredients/essences are organic).



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