Diet book author says skim milk has more sugar than whole milk, and eggs more protein than oatmeal

A diet book author (and physician) claims that skim/nonfat milk has sugar, unlike whole milk. He also claims oatmeal is less healthy and filling than eggs.


Actually, skim milk and whole milk have about the same amount of naturally-occurring sugar. An 8 oz glass of each contains about 12 g sugar.

Oatmeal, if you choose the whole-grain or steel-cut varieties (not instant), has about 5-7 g protein per 1/4 cup dry (volume before cooking), and 4-5 g fiber. An egg has about the same amount of protein, but no fiber. So, oats have a more balanced nutrition profile. Of course, adding healthy toppings can improve the nutritional profile (and taste) of either food.

Rating a single-ingredient food based on its content of just one nutrient (e.g., protein) does not take into consideration the other nutrients a multi-ingredient food or meal may have, and the fact that foods are eaten with many other ingredients that also provide different nutrients.

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