News article says dehydrated fruit healthier than dried due to lower sugar

A major news outlet consulted a dietitian and reports that "Unlike dried fruit, dehydrated fruit has no added sugar, so you can eat a lot more of it." 


False. The main difference between dried and dehydrated fruit is that dried (aka air-dried or drum-dried) still has some moisture (water), whereas dehydrated has had the water removed. That is what makes dehydrated fruit so lightweight. The sugar content, however, is the same on a per calorie basis and for each piece of fruit dried or dehydrated. There are a few fruits (mostly tart ones, such as cranberries) that have a small amount of added sugar for flavor and/or better texture (plumpness), but that simply makes them the same sweetness as other, more naturally sweet, fruits after drying. What is significant about dehydrated fruit compared to dried fruit is that more of the nutrients are preserved, particularly vitamin C, due to faster drying and lower temperatures (freeze dried process).

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