Cactus water claims get prickly

Various bottled waters containing prickly pear cactus "juice" and/or puree, along with other fruits or sweeteners have been trending, with claims of antioxidant and electrolyte content, among others... 


The websites and labeling/marketing on these products include claims about antioxidants and electrolytes, but the Nutrition Facts data do not support the claims, except in the case where vitamin C has been added (but not listed in the ingredients). The small amount of cactus juice/puree added to the filtered water does not provide nearly enough of any of these nutrients to allow nutrient claims at any level. A claim of "low in sugar" also is made for some of the products, and this is not an allowed (or defined) claim in food/beverage labeling. Additionally, there are claims that these beverages provide relief from hangovers. This is a medical/drug claim that cannot be made for a food product, even when a "disclaimer" is made. Unfortunately, many in the media do not properly research/vet these claims before reporting on the products. 

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