Nutrition claims for cocoa powder

A Dutch process cocoa powder product claims "good source of fiber... contains vitamins and minerals... rich in antioxidants and sterols "


Whenever a claim is made that a product "contains" certain nutrients, that is an implied claim that the product is at least a "good source" (10% of Daily Value or more) per regulated serving (1 Tbsp for cocoa). And "rich in" would require the product to provide at least 20% DV for that nutrient. This product is not a good source of any of the nutrients mentioned, except for one mineral (iron), based on the Nutrition Facts provided on the company's website. Just because "studies" show that a food contains certain nutrients, that does not mean the quantities are high enough to be of labeling significance for one standard serving, otherwise, it could be claimed that every food in the world "contains" just about every nutrient... in very small amounts.

Also, Dutch process cocoa, compared with natural cocoa powder, is lower in antioxidants, not higher.

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