Gluten-free crunchy cheese snack with 10 g protein

A gluten-free dried cheese snack made from Parmesan cheese "with quinoa and ancient grains" declares 10 g protein on the front of the package and only 75 calories on the nutrition panel.


The 10 grams protein and 75 calories are for different portion sizes (1 oz for the former and 1/2 oz for the latter), and therefore the labeling is misleading. A correct serving is 1 oz, but the nutrition panel gives data for only 1/2 oz, hence the impossibly small calorie content to go along with the 10 grams protein (and 8 g fat) per 1 oz serving (which would be 112 calories right there). The nutrition panel should show everything per 1 oz serving, which would double all the data. In addition, there is so little quinoa, oat bran and brown rice ("ancient grains") -- less than the amount of added salt -- that these ingredients do not contribute any significant nutrients and are also mischaracterized. 

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