Kale Juices "Extremely High" in Calcium?

A company that makes raw juice blend drinks containing whole kale claims that the drinks are "extremely high" in calcium and potassium, and makes health claims such as, "it will help you absorb minerals."


Based on the Nutrition Facts provided for the products on the website, none of the drinks is high in either potassium or calcium (both would need to provide at least 20% DV for those nutrients). Of the five products, only two show potassium data, and those are only a good source of potassium (at least 10% DV). Only two of the products are a good source of calcium. As for the claim about fiber-rich vegetables helping in absorption of minerals, it is actually the opposite -- fiber will block absorption to some extent, because it speeds the transit of foods through the intestines before nutrients can be absorbed. Regardless, such claims are not allowed.

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